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Hey 👋

I'm Eugene Dzhumak (aka ElForastero) and I'm a Frontend engineer.
Occasionally I build something open source and not only.

What I'm doing now

  • Trying to keep working no matter what is going on
  • Learning Golang development
  • Making Frontend and Web better
  • Writing for this blog


Although I'm not very active in social media, I always appreciate new connections and meeting new people.
You can contact me by Email at e***e@elforastero.dev

If you want to send me a secret message, use my GPG public key to encrypt it first, then send it to me by Email.
You can read more on how to use it in one of my blog posts: YubiKey and GPG

gpg --import elforastero.txt
echo "Hello, Eugene" | gpg -e -a -r 0x3716F24E0A8F01B9

Tools I use